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Facts about the Rideau

Did You Know?

  • the Rideau River provides habitat for 51 rare species, of which 15 are ranked by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC)
  • unless action is taken, it is predicted that Canada will lose over 625 freshwater species over the next 100 years, including 21% of its fish and 26% of its amphibians
  • tourism based on the Rideau River / Canal brings millions of dollars a year into the economy and creates hundreds of full- and part-time jobs
  • Winterlude - a winter festival in Ottawa - drew 1.61 million visitors to the national capital region in 2000, of which 35% were tourists from outside the area: these tourists spent an estimated $143 million in the local economy
  • over one million people visit the locks along the Rideau Canal every summer, generating over $12 million in tourism revenues, and creating over 600 full time jobs
  • the Rideau River provides drinking water for the Town of Smiths Falls and water for hundreds of businesses including quarries, golf courses, farms and road-building operations
  • all municipalities along the Rideau with the exception of the City of Ottawa dispose of their treated wastewater (municipal sewage) into the Rideau or its tributaries
  • the Rideau River received official designation as a Canadian Heritage River in 2000

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