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bbCataraqui Conservation Authority
bbCentre For Sustainable Watersheds
bbEnvironment Canada
bbFriends of the Tay River Watershed
bbMississippi Valley Conservation Authority
bbOttawa Riverkeeper
bbQueens University Department of Biology
bbRideau Environmental Action League
bbRideau River Biodiversity Project
bbRideau Valley Conservation Authority

Government Regulatory
bbEnvironment Canada
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Historical / Cultural
bbCanada's Historic Places
bbCanadian Museums
bbChaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society
bbFriends of the Rideau
bbHistorical Society of Ottawa
bbHistory of the Rideau Canal
bbKingston Historical Society
bbMerrickville and District Historical Society
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bbQueen's University Archives
bbRideau Canal World Heritage Site
bbThe Delta Mill Society

Community / Tourism
bbFederation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association (FOCA)
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bbOttawa Tourism
bbRideau Heritage Route
bbSmiths Falls
bbTownship of Rideau Lakes

bbReport: Ecofriendly waterfronts On the Rideau Canal Waterway
bbEcology of the Rideau Region
bbGeneral Guide to the Rideau Canal
bbLove your Lake (Watersheds Canada)
bbThe Natural Edge (Watersheds Canada)
bbThe Nature of the Rideau River (Canadian Museum of Nature)
bbPaddling Guide to the Rideau Canal
bbShoreline Naturalization Program (RVCA)
bb A Shoreline Owner’s Guide to Healthy Waterfronts (FOCA)
bbInformation for Shoreline Property Owners along the Rideau Canal waterway (Parks Canada)

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