Rideau Roundtable

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The mission of the Rideau Roundtable is to promote and encourage the wise management of the Rideau waterway and Corridor to ensure that its unique natural, historic and recreational values are sustained and enjoyed as a legacy for future generations. The focus of our programs and activities include heritage tourism, public awareness, cultural and natural landscape conservation, and stewardship, new options for Waterway governance, outdoor education, recreation and adventure.

  • Through a variety of programs and activities, to provide and ongoing forum for its members and other stakeholders to engage in understanding the natural, historic and recreational resources of the Rideau Waterway and their importance. • To discuss, explore and take action on the critical issues facing the waterway.
  • To engage regional residents, communities, organizations and government agencies in actively understanding the heritage, natural, economic, recreational and social values of the unique and globally outstanding Rideau Waterway and its Corridor and to promote cooperative action so that these values are sustained through time for the benefit current and future generations.
  • To organize and/or participate in projects and initiatives that will preserve, restore and educate people about the values and resources of the Rideau Waterway and its corridor. • To implement public recreational programs which provide opportunities for education and the active exploration of the historic, natural and recreational values of the Rideau Waterway and its corridor

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