Rideau Roundtable

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Who We Are

The Rideau Roundtable is an incorporated, not-for-profit, association of individuals, community groups, business group, and other partners and government organizations. Its focus of activity is the sustainable use of the Rideau and Cataraqui waterways and watersheds.

Our History – How we got started

The Roundtable grew out of a two-year study (from 1998 to 2000) of the Rideau River conducted by the Canadian Museum of Nature in collaboration with communities along the river. That study resulted in a paper: "The State of the River Report (2000)". Seed money for the Roundtable was provided by the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Since then funding has been raised from several sources including the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Environment Canada, HRSDC and our members.

Our Mission, Goals and Objectives

Our mission, goals and objectives arise from our undertakings under the Canadian Not-for-profit Corporations Act as periodically revised.

Our Board and Members

Chaired by Peter Au, the Rideau Roundtable Board is populated by an enthusiastic by members that share a collective vision to promote the environmental, cultural and historical health and use of the Rideau and Cataraqui waterways and their watersheds. Each member of the board is appointed according to our charter and brings with them a set of skills that the board requires to provide good governance to the organization.

Our members come from a wide array of disciplines, including educators, scientists, managers, students and other environmentally interested individuals. Volunteering by our members is critical to the success of our programs and activities and provides the board with valuable input to issues of current and future importance to users of these waterways.

Our Funders and Partners

Our organization thrives by building partnerships with like-minded organizations and by seeking funding from agencies, business groups and departments with whom we share common goals.

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